Professional Computer Repair Services

It’s always less expensive and more beneficial for the customer to bring their computers into the shop for repair. With the needed resources at hand, Bill will be able to quickly and proficiently complete repairs, while providing a more extensive job.

What to expect:

When you come in for service regardless of whether it is in-shop or on-site, I try to handle things professionally and comfortably.  I tend to go through some introductions and find out about the problem.  Then I get to know your knowledge level by listening to what you say and finding out about what you have tried to do already.  After that I try to give an estimate if needed and if you are there with me, I try I keep you informed about where in the process I am and where am headed.  When I am done I explain what was done and what your part is in maintaining the situation so it does not happen again.

I am very thorough and holistic in our approach to fix and repairing.  I am more than fair in pricing.  I am truthful about what happens.  I get my gratification in repairing and fixing that which was broken and making it better than it was to begin with.

I cater to both Residential and Small Business.  For personal computers and laptops, I handle the jobs professionally on-site at your home or you can bring them to the shop.  Most of my small business customers have me come on-site to do work for them there because they are networked or are to busy to bring the computers in to me.  On some occasions, especially if the job is lengthy, they opt for me to do a pickup and delivery so I can work in-shop.  For me, working in the shop is usually more economical because I have all the resources here and I can spend a lot more time with the systems.  It also allows me to run the office and take the phone calls without taking up the customer’s time and boring them with having to listen to someone else’s problems.  Again, I try to be very fair with pricing and I tend to work with a flat rate for most jobs in-shop instead of billing for all the time that I work on it.  I tell my customers: When I invoice you for one hour I have actually put in three.

The average cost of a repair is about $100.  When I am on-site I try to limit my time to about two hours at the maximum.  In-shop is a little different.  I have a holistic method of doing things, so the jobs can take longer but I try to keep it to two or three hours of billable time.  If I really charged for all the time that I put into each system that comes in, the price would be very uneconomical.

Our Service Area: Portland & Vancouver Metro

Residential & Commercial Computer Services Available in: Portland, Fairview, Troutdale, Corbet, Hood River, Gresham, Sandy, Estacada, Eagle Creek, Damascus, Happy Valley, Clackamas, Gladstone, Milwaukie, Oregon City, Beavercreek, West Linn, Lake Oswego, Salem, Kaiser, Aurora, Canby, Wilsonville, Tualatin, Tigard, Beaverton, Scappoose, St. Helens, Hillsboro, Aloha, Forest Grove, Sherwood, Newberg, Dundee, Vancouver, Camas, Washougal, Brush Prarie, Battleground & Ridgefield.